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Drug Policy and Evaluation

The ODPRN has conducted multiple studies that have both informed and evaluated the impact of drug policies in Ontario, and more broadly across Canada.  This research includes a wide breadth of work ranging from large drug class reviews to specific rapid response projects resulting from decision makers’ pressing initiatives.

Recent Research

Allergen immunotherapy for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and/or asthma: An umbrella review

To inform policy recommendations on the use of immunotherapy in Ontario, the ODPRN performed a rapid umbrella review of existing systematic reviews that assessed the benefits and harms of allergen immunotherapy for treatment of allergic rhinitis or asthma.

Blood glucose test strip quantity limits across Canada

Provincial governments across Canada have implemented blood glucose test strip (BGTS) quantity limits to encourage proper testing practices for optimal patient outcomes. The ODPRN has developed a provincial list of implementation details for each province as of May 2017.

Impact of unrestricted access to pregabalin on the use of opioids and other CNS-active medications: A cross-sectional time series analysis

Access to pregabalin via Ontario’s public drug insurance program was expanded to an unrestricted model on April 1, 2013, from a prior authorization model. This study aims to identify the effect of expanded access on the rate of pregabalin use by publicly insured persons and to assess the characteristics of new patients initiating pregabalin following this expanded access.

All Research on Drug Policy and Evaluation

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