Publications & Reports

The ODPRN has been publishing peer-reviewed journal articles and preparing public reports since 2008. The ODPRN also completed a total of 12 drug class reviews.

  • Journal articles span multiple topics, and are typically freely accessible (i.e. open-access)
  • Research reports are prepared in response to research requests from the Ontario Public Drug Programs (OPDP) or are based on findings from ODPRN research. Although most reports remain confidential until the findings are prepared for peer-reviewed publication, some studies conducted by the ODPRN touch on current issues that require the rapid release of research information. These reports on high impact issues are released publicly to facilitate wider access to study findings.
  • Drug class reviews were based on an innovative framework that resulted in research findings synthesized to make recommendations to the OPDP regarding public drug reimbursement policies.

Publications and reports are listed below in chronological order.
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