Recent Research from the ODPRN

Evaluating the early impacts of delisting high-strength opioids on patterns of prescribing in Ontario

This paper describes the early impact of delisting high-strength opioid formulations in Ontario by quantifing the impact of this policy on patterns of opioid prescribing, and evaluating how this impact differed by prescriber type, opioid type and opioid strength in the first six months following policy implementation.

Fixed-dose combination antihypertensive medications, adherence, and clinical outcomes

We examined the association between initiating fixed-dose combination versus multipill antihypertensive therapy and cardiovascular events or death in a real-world setting.

The burden of opioid-related mortality in the United States

Opioid prescribing and overdose are leading public health problems in North America, yet the precise public health burden has not been quantified. This study sought to examine the burden of opioid-related death in the United States.

Clinical indications associated with opioid initiation for pain management in Ontario, Canada

This study looks at the type of clinical indications that lead individuals to start opioids for pain management, as well as the characteristics of both patients and the initial prescription.

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