Knowledge Translation Unit

The Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) of the ODPRN focuses on the dissemination of the ODPRN’s activities to various stakeholders including policy-makers, researchers, health care providers, clinicians, patients, and the public, with the goal of making research findings more accessible. The KTU also evaluates the impact of the ODPRN, undertakes media relations, capacity building, and develops knowledge translation strategies for targeted projects.

The KTU is comprised of experts in knowledge translation, health communication, design, and qualitative methods.

KTU Members

Gurnoor Brar – Knowledge Translation Broker

Gurnoor holds a Master of Public Health from Queen’s University as well as an undergraduate Honours Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) from the University of Waterloo. As Knowledge Broker for the ODPRN, Gurnoor creates knowledge translation materials to disseminate various research findings, manages the ODPRN’s social media communications, and supports patient and stakeholder engagement activities.

Dana headshot

Dana Shearer – Knowledge Translation Broker

Dana holds a Master of Arts (Social Gerontology & Health Studies) from McMaster University as well as an undergraduate Honours Bachelor of Arts (Comprehensive Psychology) from Wilfred Laurier University. Dana implements various dissemination strategies to increase awareness of ODPRN research; develops knowledge translation material and communication tools that summarize research findings; and builds stakeholder and patient engagement including managing the ODPRN Citizens’ Panel.

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