Stakeholder Advisory Panel

The Stakeholder Advisory Panel (SAP) serves as the broad oversight committee of the ODPRN to lead independent research activity and provide scientific and policy guidance for the ODPRN. This panel brings together an interdisciplinary team of renowned academic researchers, policymakers, data partners and other knowledge users from the scientific community in Ontario to provide clinical and methodological expertise, prioritize research projects, identify external funding and collaborative opportunities, and ensure the successful delivery of the ODPRN projects to the highest quality.

Furthermore, the SAP plays a critical role in supporting the ODPRN’s student training goals by supervising students enrolled in graduate programs across Ontario.

Order wdt_ID Advisor Type Organization Representative
11 1 Lead Principal Investigator University of Toronto Tara Gomes
12 2 Co-Principal Investigator University of Toronto Muhammad Mamdani
13 5 Co-Principal Investigator University of Toronto David Juurlink
14 7 Lead of Knowledge Translation Program University of Toronto Sharon Straus
22 8 Scientific Advisor University of Toronto Paul Oh
20 11 Scientific Advisors McMaster University Anne Holbrook
18 12 Scientific Advisors Northern Ontario School of Medicine Joe Eibl
23 13 Scientific Advisors Western University Matthew Weir
17 14 Scientific Advisors University of Ottawa Doug Coyle
19 15 Scientific Advisors Queens University Gerald Evans

*Ontario Ministry of Health

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