Formulary Modernization Unit

The Formulary Modernization Unit (FMU) conducts drug class reviews based on an innovative framework that involves the work of various programs:

Rapid Review Program

Conducts rapid systematic reviews that identify, appraise, select and synthesize high quality drug research evidence from the literature. The rapid review teams use network meta-analysis to synthesize literature that enables drug-to-drug comparisons of efficacy and safety outcomes, even in the absence of direct comparison trials.

Drug Informatics Program

Coordinates the overall drug class review, including scoping the topic, managing review progress and organizing stakeholder reviews. The Drug Informatics Program also examines national and international policies on the management of the drug classes in question, and provides local contextualization.

Pharmacoeconomics Program

Completes focused analysis of the economics of alternative drug reimbursement strategies incorporating existing evidence and further analysis relative to cost-effectiveness and budget impact.

Qualitative Research Program

This program in the KT Unit provides drug class reviews with local contextualization by conducting qualitative research to assess the opinions and input from various stakeholders (including policy-makers, patients and/or caregivers, prescribers and pharmacists).

Pharmacoepidemiology Program

This program in the RRU contributes to the drug class reviews by conducting analyses to assess comparative effectiveness, patterns of prescribing and adherence, drug safety, market dynamics and trends.

Together, the multiple programs of the FMU develop recommendations on policy-based approaches to optimize resource use, safety, effectiveness and appropriateness of prescribing medications to Ontarians for particular drug classes. Detailed information about each of the programs and the overall work of the FMU can be found in the Drug Class Reviews section of our site.

Members of the FMU:

FMU Lead Scientist:
Dr. Paul Oh
Rapid Review Program Leads
Dr. Sharon Straus and Dr. George Wells
Drug Informatics Program Lead:
Sandra Knowles
Research Associate:
Dr. Mina Tadrous
Pharmacoepidemiology Program Lead:
Tara Gomes
Qualitative Research Program Lead:
Dr. Julia Moore
Pharmacoeconomics Program Lead:
Dr. Doug Coyle
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