Drug Class Reviews

The ODPRN is not currently conducting drug class reviews at this time. 

The ODPRN has completed a total of 12 drug class reviews since 2013. These reviews were based on an innovative framework that incorporated systematic reviews and network meta-analysis, economic modeling, real-world prescribing and adherence, qualitative analysis of patient and clinician perspectives, and an environmental scan of listing across Canada. Research findings were synthesized to make recommendations to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care regarding public drug reimbursement policies.

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All completed reviews contain the following:

  1. The final research plan: A detailed description of how each study was conducted within the drug class review;
  2. All final research reports: Includes a consolidated report of all research findings and proposed reimbursement options; and
  3. ResourcesSummaries and infographics to facilitate understanding of our drug class review findings.

List of completed reviews

Drug Class Reviews Table

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