Overactive Bladder Agents

The ODPRN will be conducting a drug class review on Overactive Bladder Agents between April 2015 and January 2016.  Stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input at various stages during the review. Please check this page frequently if you are stakeholder who would like to participate in our stakeholder input opportunities, or subscribe to our newsletter for frequent updates on our reviews.

We need your input! There are various ways that you can provide us with your feedback throughout the review process. See our feedback opportunities below to determine when the opportunity is available and the key actions to take in order to participate.

Stakeholder Interviews

Our Qualitative Research Team conducts in-depth telephone interviews and/or surveys with key stakeholders, including (but not limited to) patients, prescribers and pharmacists.

Time Period
CLOSED: We are no longer recruiting interview participants.
Key Documents/Information Required to Provide Input
CLOSED: We are no longer recruiting interview participants.

Evidence Submission Packages

In order to ensure that all relevant research, whether published or not, is available for inclusion in the final report, submissions are invited from drug manufacturers, professional societies and other interested groups. We ask that these groups identify any evidence relevant to the review that is known to them, including clinical trials, follow-up studies and evidence from disease registries. This may also include relevant evidence that is unpublished.

Time Period
CLOSED: We are no longer accepting evidence submission packages.

Stakeholder Review of Comprehensive Research Plan

Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on research plans in order to identify key considerations for the conduct of each research study within the drug class review.

Time Period
CLOSED: We are no longer accepting feedback on our draft comprehensive research plans.
Key Documents:

Stakeholder Review of Draft Reports

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft reports of findings developed by each research team. Comments may be considered when finalizing the reports prior to submitting these to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Time Period
CLOSED: We are no longer accepting feedback on our draft reports.
Key Documents
The final reports and reimbursement option recommendations will be posted in March/April 2016

Any questions? Contact us at info@odprn.ca.

Please note that this report is NOT COMPLETE and is still in progress. Click below if you would like to continue.