Testosterone RT

The ODPRN will be conducting a drug class review on testosterone replacement therapy from April 2014 to November 2014.

We need your input!

We are seeking input from interested stakeholders at various stages during the project.

  • Patient/Prescriber/Pharmacist Interviews: OPEN
  • Evidence Submission Packages: Closed
  • Stakeholder Review of Comprehensive Research Plan: Closed
  • Review of Draft Report and Recommendations: Sep 30, 2014 to Oct 28, 2014

Key Documents

  1. Comprehensive Research Plans:
  1. Comments on Comprehensive Research Plans
    • If you would like to review the comments and responses on our Comprehensive Research Plans, please contact us at info@odprn.ca

Any questions? Contact us at info@odprn.ca.

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Please note that this report is NOT COMPLETE and is still in progress. Click below if you would like to continue.