Stakeholder Interviews

An important step of our drug class reviews is to determine the experiences, opinions and perceptions of people involved in, and affected by, the drug class being studied. Capturing stakeholder viewpoints informs how the drug class review is analyzed and contextualized, and highlights issues related to the drug class that are significant to the people who are most affected by drug funding policies. One-on-one interviews are used to ensure that we comprehensively capture the issues that are important to stakeholders.
For each drug class review, we will be interviewing:

  • Individuals with experience using medications in the drug class
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists

We may also seek to interview other stakeholders if their experiences and perceptions are relevant to the drug class under review (e.g., caregivers).

Members of our Qualitative Research Program conduct all interviews over the telephone. Interviews are conducted privately and confidentially in accordance with Research Ethics.

If you are interested in participating in one-on-one interviews, please e-mail us at . You can participate in an active review, or be added to our participant pool to be notified of upcoming reviews in which you can participate.

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