Indigenous health research

The Chiefs of Ontario (COO) is presently engaged in a collaborative effort with researchers from ICES and the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network (ODPRN) through research grants. This initiative aims to investigate the utilization of opioids and the associated negative effects among individuals belonging to the First Nations communities in Ontario.

The research initiative focuses on various aspects related to opioid use among First Nations individuals in Ontario. It aims to consider factors such as geographic variations, mental health diagnoses, healthcare access, age, gender, and comparisons to the general population. Furthermore, the project seeks to establish effective methods for transferring knowledge to the communities involved.

Main objectives:

  • Analyzing trends in prescription opioid usage
  • Exploring clinical indications for opioid initiation
  • Investigating opioid-related mortality patterns
  • Examining opioid agonist therapy duration and access
  • Addressing priority research areas like Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Our goal is to provide insights that can shape policies and initiatives aimed at improving the health and overall well-being of First Nations communities.

Past reports

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