Town Hall on Access to Treatment and Services for ADHD into Adulthood

The ODPRN Citizens’ Panel recently launched an initiative to create a platform for meaningful conversation between citizens of Ontario to discuss drug policy topics of interest.

The Inaugural Town Hall was held on July 27, 2022 and focused on navigating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) into adulthood. Individuals with ADHD and their caregivers shared stories and raised questions on access to ADHD treatment and services as an adult in Ontario. Drs. Melanie Penner and Kyle Lee, two physicians with practices focused on providing care to people with ADHD, were available to answer questions and provide a clinical perspective. 

What we heard

During the Town Hall, we heard recurring themes and suggestions that were raised by participants as well as recommendations provided by both participants and healthcare providers to ensure individuals with ADHD can successfully manage their condition into adulthood.

Hear the stories

Below are audio clips from 7 of the individuals who shared live during the Town Hall as well as 4 individuals who shared their story following the Town Hall. The hope is that these stories help others navigating this diagnosis into adulthood.

Keywords: Mental health; addiction; neurological impairment; support.
Keywords: Symptoms; ASD; adult diagnosis; strategies.
Keywords: Adult diagnosis; assessment; support; stigma.
Keywords: Immigrant; financial instability; adult diagnosis.
Keywords: Adult diagnosis; gender bias; medication.
#6 (presented by moderator)
Keywords: Co-occurring conditions; self-management; treatment.
#7 (presented by moderator)
Keywords: Mental health; diagnostic process; family support.
Keywords: Cultural beliefs; immigrant; managing symptoms.
Keywords: Pandemic; workplace; burnout; financial instability.
Keywords: Parent; non-pharmaceutical treatment; transition to adulthood.
Keywords: Medication; psychotherapy; diagnosis.

Resources provided by participants

Throughout the town hall, many participants shared resources that they found helpful as they navigated their ADHD diagnosis. These have been summarized below:

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