Patient and Stakeholder Engagement


The Ontario Opioid Drug Observatory has taken a proactive, patient-centered approach since its launch in late 2017. The following engagement strategies will allow us to integrate patient perspectives throughout this research:


Steering Committee Members

The following perspectives have been incorporated into the Drug Observatory steering committee and associated research moving forward:

  • Individuals with experience using opioids are represented by three people with lived experience
  • The general public research lens is represented by two members of the ODPRN Citizens’ Panel
  • Family members impacted by opioid use are represented by moms united and mandated to saving the lives of Drug Users (mumsDU)

All members attended a launch meeting in October 2017 and will continue to be involved in future meetings as well as particular projects of interest.

Focus Groups

Prior to conducting any research within the Drug Observatory, the ODPRN convened focus groups comprised of individuals with experience using opioids in order to gather their perspectives on the current trends in opioid prescribing, utilization and changing access in Ontario. The information gathered was used to understand the priorities of people with lived experience and the potential opportunities for research aligned within these priorities.

We convened 8 focus groups, totaling 49 participants, in Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and via teleconference for those residing outside of city centers. We spoke with individuals who use opioids to treat chronic pain as well as those with opioid use disorder. The findings will be summarized into a publication in early 2018.

We plan to conduct additional focus groups as needed over the next several years to assess how perspectives and experiences of opioid prescribing and access are changing.

Get Involved

The Drug Observatory may have additional opportunities for individuals with opioid use experience to become involved. If you are interested in sharing your perspectives, please contact ODPRN Knowledge Broker, Dana Bandola at

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