Recent Research from the ODPRN

Evaluation of the fentanyl patch-for-patch program in Ontario, Canada

This study evaluates the impact of the P4P program on fentanyl and non-fentanyl dispensing and opioid-related hospitalizations and deaths.

“Like being put on an ice floe and shoved away”: A qualitative study of the impacts of opioid-related policy changes on people who take opioids

This study aims to characterize the impacts of policies intended to improve opioid prescribing and prevent opioid-related overdose and death on individuals who take opioids.

Ontario Prescription Opioid Tool Update

The Ontario Prescription Opioid Tool allows public access to data related to indicators for opioid prescribing in the province. This update includes two new indicators, monthly data from January-March 2018, and a modified layout.

Regional variation in healthcare spending and mortality among senior high-cost healthcare users in Ontario, Canada

This study estimated regional variation in healthcare costs and mortality among incident senior high-cost healthcare users and examined the relationship between health spending and mortality by health districts.

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