Recent Research from the ODPRN

Effect of listing strategies on utilization of antitumor necrosis factor biologics infliximab and etanercept: a cross-sectional analysis from Ontario, Canada

This study examines the effect of formulary listing strategies on the use of infliximab and etanercept innovator and biosimilar biologics.

Dental opioid prescription characteristics and the risk of new, persistent use

Given the limited availability of guidance for opioid prescribing in the management of acute dental pain, this study aims to understand the association between initial prescription characteristics and long-term opioid use to guide appropriate prescribing among opioid-naïve dental patients.

Prescription opioid characteristics at initiation for non-cancer pain and risk of treated opioid use disorder: A population-based study

This student project investigated the associations between opioid prescription characteristics at initiation and time to opioid use disorder among opioid naïve individuals who initiated prescription opioids for non-cancer pain.

Comparison of public and private payments for direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) across Canada

Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) were approved by Health Canada for the treatment of hepatitis C virus in 2011. This study reports the proportion of public and private DAA claims in Canada.

A qualitative study of a publicly funded pharmacy-dispensed naloxone program

This qualitative study aims to understand the perceptions of, and experiences with, pharmacy dispensed naloxone programs among people who take opioids.

Choppy waters: The importance of accounting for shifting drug utilization during the COVID‐19 pandemic in future observational drug‐related studies

The COVID‐19 pandemic caused a large shift in the delivery of healthcare globally, including prescription drugs. The authors of this reflective piece have observed shifting drug utilization trends in a number of their ongoing projects and offer their perspectives on considering these trends in future observational drug‐related studies.

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