Student Training Program

Drug Policy Research 101


The ODPRN Student Training Program aims to engage with students to develop capacity in drug policy research in Ontario. Trainees involved in this one-year collaborative program will work towards obtaining a drug policy training research certificate through the ODPRN. Through this program, trainees will have access to online training aimed at providing instruction around drug policy, patient-oriented research, methodological concepts and various knowledge translation strategies.


This program will also act as a networking opportunity for prospective drug policy trainees who will have a chance to liaise with scientific academic researchers and ministry representatives as well as present research findings from their projects to multidisciplinary audiences. Students who have completed the program will have continued access to all online resources and networking opportunities until the completion of their studies.


The main objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide trainees with knowledge in drug policy research, pharmacoepidemiological methods, patient-oriented research and knowledge translation.
  2. To establish a multidisciplinary environment that allows students to collaborate and network with individuals, including other trainees, academic researchers, clinicians, patients, and policy-makers.
  3. To provide trainees with an understanding of real life policy decision-making processes.


Please see the information package for more details:

Information Package


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