Drug Policy and Evaluation

The ODPRN has conducted multiple studies that have both informed and evaluated the impact of drug policies in Ontario, and more broadly across Canada.  This research includes a wide breadth of work ranging from large drug class reviews to specific rapid response projects resulting from decision makers’ pressing initiatives.

New Research

Current and Prospective Utilization of Innovator Biologics and Biosimilars in Ontario

Biologic drugs are important treatment options across a wide number of medical conditions, including rheumatic conditions, gastrointestinal disease, and diabetes. Although these drugs have had a measurable impact on patient outcomes, their substantial cost and growth in use threatens the sustainability of public drug programs. A biosimilar biologic drug, or biosimilar, is a drug that is highly similar and has no clinically meaningful differences to an innovator biologic. Biosimilars can also be developed at a lower cost and therefore offer an opportunity to reduce public drug spending.

Unfortunately, biosimilars are underutilized and as a result, public payers in Canada have begun developing policies designed to increase the use of biosimilar drugs. Essential to this work is a better understanding of biologics and biosimilars use across various clinical conditions.

This report describes the current and prospective utilization patterns and expenditures of innovator biologics and biosimilars through the public drug program in Ontario, Canada.

CADTH summarizes this report in “Utilization of Innovator Biologics and Biosimilars for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases in Canada: A Provincial Perspective” and discusses potential implications for decision-makers.

All Research on Drug Policy and Evaluation

wdt_ID Title Publication Type Date Released Clinical Topic Additional Resources
wdt_ID Title Publication Type Date Released Clinical Topic Additional Resources
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10 The impact of policies to reduce blood glucose test strip utilization and costs in Canada Journal Article 01 Jun 2015 Diabetes Research Minute
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