ODPRN Citizens’ Panel

The ODPRN Citizens’ Panel is a group of up to 25 volunteer citizens from across Ontario who have collectively come together to ensure that the ODPRN appropriately identifies issues of importance to the public, and incorporates these priorities into all aspects of our research.


Priya Chendke | Naana Dei | Terry Ebejer | Jerome Johnson | Matt Joosse | Lucie Langford | Kris Lee | Kristen Morin | Greg Owens | Alexander Peever | Zal Press | Suzanne Pierson | Josephine Quercia | Debbie Rotenberg | Jenna Shea


In addition to meeting bi-monthly by teleconference and annually in-person to provide their input on current research projects and deliverables, members also participated in a two-day workshop to define their role, structure and governance:

  • Identifying priority research areas: Currently, members are collectively developing a research project of joint interest to policymakers, researchers and the general public based on aligned research priorities. The inaugural Panel-led project was our report on the Landscape of Prescription Stimulant Use.
  • Integrating members with researchers & policymakers: This includes several leadership roles within the Citizens’ Panel, such as membership within our Stakeholder Advisory Panel and opportunities for engagement with drug policy makers.
  • Participating on research teams: Currently, members are individually working on specific projects of interest to them throughout all stages of the research process, from developing the objectives to reviewing dissemination material, in order to ensure that our research is understandable to the general public.
  • Enhancing patient engagement: Members are formally acknowledged on published material and have been instrumental in developing patient engagement tools including our online drug policy training modules.

ODPRN Citizen Virtual Town Hall Series

In 2022, the ODPRN will be conducting virtual town halls with other Ontario Citizens on topics related to drug policy research in Ontario. These town halls will be a platform for Ontarians to be able to share their perspectives on issues related to medication access and pharmaceutical policies related to a given topic. These discussions will be used to inform and prioritize ODPRN research. This is an initiative led by the ODPRN Citizens’ Panel with the objective of making drug policy research relevant to Ontarians.  

Interested in becoming a Member?

The ODPRN is looking for a few more individuals to join our Citizens’ Panel. If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us at dana.shearer@unityhealth.to for more information.

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