Virtual Town Halls

In 2022, the ODPRN will be conducting virtual town halls with other Ontario Citizens on topics related to drug policy research in Ontario. These town halls will be a platform for Ontarians to be able to share their perspectives on issues related to medication access and pharmaceutical policies related to a given topic. These discussions will be used to inform and prioritize ODPRN research. This is an initiative led by the ODPRN Citizens’ Panel with the objective of making drug policy research relevant to Ontarians. 

The Inaugural Town Hall was held on July 27, 2022 and focused on navigating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) into adulthood. Read the report + listen to the audio clips from 7 of the individuals who shared live during the Town Hall as well as 4 individuals who shared their story following the Town Hall.

Keep an eye out for future topic announcements in this Town Hall series!

Please note that this report is NOT COMPLETE and is still in progress. Click below if you would like to continue.