Applied Health Research Questions

The ODPRN’s research activities include responding to Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQs), which are questions posed by health policymakers or providers in order to obtain specific research evidence to inform policy, program development, and service planning in Ontario. The ODPRN believes that responding to AHRQs can improve and strengthen the healthcare system by providing research evidence to those who need it.

Who can submit an AHRQ?

In order for a research question to be eligible for consideration as an AHRQ, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Your organization must be considered a health system policymaker or provider as defined in the Ministry of Health (MOH) AHRQ guidelines.
  2. Research evidence obtained from an AHRQ must be used to inform planning, policy and program development that will benefit the entire Ontario health system.
  3. Questions based on personal interest or other non-system purposes are not eligible for an AHRQ.

How can I submit an AHRQ?

  1. Contact the ODPRN Project Manager, Samantha Singh ( for a preliminary discussion. Please provide a brief description of your AHRQ.
  2. Complete a Knowledge User AHRQ Request Form by providing a brief summary of the background and purpose of the AHRQ, the current status of knowledge by your group, as well as a description of how the eventual research evidence will be used, whether it will be made publicly available and what purpose the proposed research will serve.
  3. Ensure that the request form is signed by a Senior Decision Maker at your organization.
  4. Submit the completed request form to Samantha Singh (

Important Notes

  • As per guidelines set out by the MOH, the ODPRN may not have the capacity to answer every AHRQ and therefore reserves the right to decline an AHRQ request as necessary.
  • Any research evidence generated by the ODPRN in response to an AHRQ will be required to follow institutional reporting policies. This includes providing the MOH with 30-day advance notice of any research evidence that is reported publicly.
  • Results from AHRQs as well as a Summary of Findings form will be submitted to the MOH once a project is complete.
  • Upon completion of an AHRQ project, you will be asked to provide feedback through a survey on how the research evidence generated from this project was used to inform and impact policy, program development and service planning.
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