Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Pharmacovigilance research is imperative in informing better pharmaceutical practice, policy and treatment related to drug safety and effectiveness. The ODPRN has conducted multiple studies evaluating the real-world comparative effectiveness of drug therapies, drug-drug interactions, and potential adverse events associated with numerous drugs.

New Research

Pregabalin and the risk for opioid-related death: A nested case–control study

Pregabalin is a drug that is increasingly prescribed to treat chronic pain. However, it can be sedating in patients also receiving opioids. Due to its increased use, along with recent evidence by the ODPRN demonstrating that combined opioid and gabapentin use is associated with opioid-related mortality, it is essential to determine whether similar risks exist when pregabalin is co-prescribed with opioids.

This study examines the risk of opioid-related death among people co-prescribed pregabalin and opioids.


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