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Safety and Use of Opioids

Opioids are a group of prescription drugs used to treat pain conditions; however the efficacy and safety of their use in treating chronic non-cancer pain has been widely questioned due to a lack of long-term studies, the availability of various opioid types and potencies on the market, and uncertainty on appropriate dosing. Given that Canada and the United States have the highest per capita consumption of opioids worldwide, this area required further evidence.

The ODPRN has conducted several population-based studies on the safe and appropriate use of opioids in Ontario by investigating the overall trends and geographic variation in opioid prescribing and related deaths, and the impact of policy and education interventions on important patient outcomes.

New Research

Behind the Prescriptions: A snapshot of opioid use across all Ontarians

This report is the first to link data from the Narcotic Monitoring System (NMS) to information from other health databases to describe characteristics and patterns of opioid use in the entire population of Ontario, including demographics, use of health services, and geographic variations across three broad indications: pain, cough, and addiction.


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All Research on Safety and Use of Opioids

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