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Araniy Santhireswaran
Araniy is a MSc student in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program at the University of Toronto. Prior to her graduate studies, Araniy completed her undergraduate studies at the Toronto Metropolitan University in Biomedical Sciences. She was also awarded an NSERC USRA where she pursued research in molecular cell biology. Araniy’s Master’s thesis project focuses on using real-world evidence to understand the impact of Canadian prescription drug shortages on population-level drug utilization trends. Through the skills she gains at Leslie Dan, she hopes to contribute to innovative and evidence-based systemic solutions in improving drug access, safety and effectiveness.
Shanzeh Chaudhry
Shanzeh is a graduate student, completing her MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the UofT Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. She completed her BSc in Chemistry at Queen’s University. She is currently working with Dr. Mina Tadrous, with research focusing on pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and drug policy, with a specific interest in post-marketing surveillance. Shanzeh uses large data sets to answer questions about the impacts of health interventions and communications. She is also a recipient of the CGS-M award, funded by CIHR, and co-president of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Association at UofT.
Shaleesa Ledlie
Shaleesa is a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. She previously completed her Master of Public Health within the Division of Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health in 2020. Shaleesa’s primary research interests include pharmacoepidemiologic research methods as well as drug safety, utilization, and policy. Her thesis focuses on understanding how various pathways of care such as treatment for opioid use disorder, impact future health outcomes among people hospitalized due to an opioid toxicity.
Shenthuraan Tharmarajah
Shenthuraan is a 2nd year PhD student in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. He is co-supervised by Dr. Mina Tadrous and Dr. Sara Guilcher. Previously, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at New York University and Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition at Columbia University. Shenthuraan’s research interest lies in better understanding the safety of antirheumatic medications in pregnancy. His work aims to generate real-world evidence that will improve the care of pregnant individuals and optimize maternal and neonatal outcomes.
Yuti Patel
Yuti is a flex-time PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences student at the University of Toronto, as well as a Market Access professional at Hoffmann-La Roche Canada. Prior to starting her PhD, Yuti received her Master of Biotechnology at the University of Toronto (Mississauga). Her current research focuses on accessing research methods for evaluating drugs for rare diseases in real-world studies. The aim of this research is to better inform the appropriate use of certain methods when conducting real world (outside of the RCT setting) for rare disease drug evaluation. She aspires to use the ODPRN training to apply a policy lens to her research in order to improve drug access and health outcomes for patients with rare diseases.

The ODPRN Student Training Program aims to engage with students to develop capacity in drug policy research in Ontario. Our program provides students from across Ontario the opportunity to access online training, webinars and networking with scientific academic researchers and ministry representatives. Below are the students enrolled in the 2024 Drug Policy Research 101 program.

Abdullah Al-Saffar

Abdullah is a practicing pharmacist in Ontario and currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Toronto. Abdullah has an academic and professional interest in leveraging real-world evidence data to inform decision-making processes within drug policy and clinical practice.

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke is a part-time MSc student in Health Systems Research at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Sarah is particularly interested in policies related to pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical opioids and how these policies influence mortality and other outcomes for people who use drugs.

Martin Ho

Martin is a PhD student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy studying pharmacoepidemiology. He is very interested in using real-world evidence on drugs to inform clinical practice and drug policy.

Katharine Mackett

Katharine Mackett is a PhD candidate in the Health Research Methodology program at McMaster University, specializing in Clinical Epidemiology. Katharine completed her MSc in Medical Sciences and has experience in clinical biochemistry. Her current research focuses on equitable implementation of evidence-based care for individuals living with diabetes.

Jessica Mor

Jessica Mor is a Registered Nurse and PhD Candidate within the Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. Jessica’s doctoral research aims to examine the role of private, third-party companies in fostering partnerships between patient advocates and the pharmaceutical sector. 

Suhani Patel

Suhani Patel is a MSc candidate at Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, where she leverages her rich medical background in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology to advance research in Drug Safety and Policy. Her work focuses on enhancing patient outcomes through systematic reviews and the development of innovative knowledge translation tools. Suhani is dedicated to contributing to evidence-based drug policy reforms and enhancing healthcare outcomes through her involvement in the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network.

Shiva Shahabi

Shiva is a first-year MSc student in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University working under the supervision of Professor Behnam Sadeghirad. They are currently working as a research assistant at Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre focusing on methodological challenges, designing, conducting, and analyzing data in systematic reviews conducted on pain management. Their thesis aims to explore psychological treatments for the management of chronic non-cancer pain. Prior to starting my Masters, Shiva completed a Doctorate in Dental Surgery at Hamedan Medical University in Iran.

Freddy Shogry

Freddy is a graduate student, completing his MSc in Pharmacoepidemiology and Health Services research at the UofT Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. He is currently working with Dr. Suzanne Cadarette on generating RWE about osteoporosis pharmacotherapy. He is also a practicing pharmacist in Ontario who hopes to contribute through his research to informing evidence-based policy making and clinical decisions.

Clara Chen
Yuna Choi
Amar El-Khatib
William Hanna
Rita Iskandar
Kelsey Mar
William McFarlane
Sara Moradi
Jacob Riches
Peter Segun
Christine Vaccaro
Shi Jie (Angel) Zhou

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