Learn About Our Current Students

The ODPRN Student Training Program aims to engage with students to develop capacity in drug policy research in Ontario. Our program provides students from across Ontario the opportunity to access online training, webinars and networking with scientific academic researchers and ministry representatives. Students enrolled in the 2020 Drug Policy Research 101 program will begin in January 2020.

Shreedhar Acharya

Oluwakemi Aderibigbe

Valentina Antonipillai

Laura Bennett

Sarah Cullingham

Kaley (Kaleen) Hayes

Aliya Jaffer

Kadesha (Kay) James

Asvini Keethakumar

Lauren Killin

Kristen Morin

Laura Murphy

Abdelhady Osman

Indhu Rammohan

Nigar Sekercioglu

Inthuja Selvaratnam

Ahmad Shakeri

Nima Tourchian

Learn about our alumni students here.

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