Topic Selection

All topics submitted for a drug class review were carefully considered and prioritized for review. Criteria used for prioritization included timeliness, feasibility, relevance to policy makers and patients, and potential value in terms of clinical, economic and quality of life impact. We also considered educational impact for clinicians and patients, and guidance for potential policy changes for the Ontario Public Drug Programs (OPDP).

We highly value stakeholder input on how our drug class reviews are identified, selected and prioritized. Therefore, we invited all stakeholders to submit ideas for drug class reviews.  All topics submitted were considered for review by the ODPRN.


  • New medications that have recently been marketed?
  • New drugs expected in the coming year?
  • Has another group recently completed a comprehensive review of this topic?


  • Can the review be successfully accomplished within 6-12 months?
  • Is there sufficient published evidence?
  • Are pharmacoepidemiologic and pharmacoeconomic analyses feasible?


To Policy-Makers

  • Does this drug class impose high costs?
  • Is this evidence of under-or over-utilization?
  • Is there a significant burden of disease associated with the condition being treated by the drug class?
  • Is this drug class review a priority for the OPDP?

To Patients

  • Will this improve quality of life for those with the disease?
  • Will the review benefit a significant number of people?

Potential Value

  • Clinical impact:  patient care or clinical decision making?
  • Economic impact:  unnecessary or excessive costs?
  • Quality of life impact: improve quality of life for patients?
  • Policy changes:  guide policy changes for the OPDP?
  • Educational impact: facilitate education for clinicians, patients, and other groups?
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