Town Hall on Experiences Accessing Treatment and Services for Depression

The ODPRN Citizens’ Panel recently launched an initiative to create a platform for meaningful conversation between citizens of Ontario to discuss drug policy topics of interest.

The ODPRN Town Hall on experiences accessing treatment and services for depression was held in May 2023 as part of a series of Town Halls on various topics related to drug policy in Ontario. Individuals with depression shared stories and raised questions on access to treatment and services in Ontario. Dr. Noah Ivers was available to answer questions and offer clinical insight. 

What we heard

The objective of this Town Hall and of this document is to identify patient-oriented research needs and gaps or opportunities for improvement in the healthcare system that can be used by researchers, clinicians and policymakers to improve access to treatment and services for depression.

Hear the stories

Listen to the individuals who shared their stories during the Town Hall:

Keywords: Misdiagnosed; complex PTSD; childhood trauma; antidepressants; side effects; tapering.
Keywords: Borderline personality disorder; PTSD; support services; hospitalization; psychiatrist.
Keywords: Panic disorder; antidepressants; post-partum; therapy.
Keywords: Chronic illness; long-term disability; low barrier access.
Keywords: Psychiatrist; graduate school; stigma; flexible treatment.
Keywords: Stigma; therapy; childhood trauma; medication; emergency department.


Some resources shared during the Town Hall include:

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